Monday, January 27, 2014

Daily Math Review

Last year my district implemented a formalized Daily Math Review. We do DMR for 10-15 minutes each day. Daily math review is supposed to review 3 skills. It's a very structured lesson designed to maximize student engagement.The kids really enjoy the routine. For each question, we begin by saying, "Pencils up!" We state the problem and give students some independent work time. Then we give the students a few minutes to talk to their partner about the strategy they utilized. Next, we switch to pen, and students correct their work. The teacher usually asks one student to share what they did, or paraphrases something a student did. Students correct their work, then stand to read the key statement. (The key statements are my favorite part!) The teacher reads the key statement twice, then the students read it twice chorally. I always try to include actions with the key statements.  To help the kids internalize what each step looks like and sounds like, I've been taking pictures and posting expectations.

 I'm trying to work in a reflection component, but my students are still struggling with that part. I know other grades have students writing the key statements a couple times a week. Things are always a bit different in K-1. We stick with the same three skills for 2 weeks; then we assess. If 90% of the students can get 100% on a skill, we move on to a different review
skill, otherwise we continue with the skill.
If you'd like to try some daily math review, here is a free example of what we do. It includes one cycle of questions, an assessment, and a lesson plan. 
I am very curious to know what others do for math review. Is the process this formal in your district? We're very mobile, so we try to be as consistent as we can.

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  1. I use a Weekly Spiral review sheet with my kids, my Monster Math product. Our school has implemented a daily spiral review based on my product. We are not formal about it. Thanks for linking up!

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