Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TPT Sale!

I am very excited about my St. Patrick's Day base 10 block creation. I used base 10 blocks to build each letter of the alphabet on a flashcard. Students can count the base 10 blocks in the letter, and find the matching number. In addition to the basic matching activity, I have recording sheets (with answer keys) to turn this into a scoot game, several versions of war that can be played, a few St. Patrick's Day themed word building/number combining activities, and a concentration game. I feel like the opportunities for ways to use this product could go on forever! It's on sale with the rest of my store for the TpT --3 million strong sale on February 27-28. 

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Task Cards for first or second grade. Perfect for independent work, Early finishers, mental math, or small group instruction.

These are probably my favorite product. Lots of time and effort went into the wording and the illustrations of these key math concept posters.

These are very practical. I can statements for each ELA Common Core standard.

My Math Clip art is so useful when creating anything math related!

I also made the Shamrock Concentration activity a separate little preview that you can get for FREE by liking my Facebook page or for $1 on TPT.

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