Friday, February 28, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

I have always been a little fascinated by Irish culture. I spent a semester in Ireland studying the Irish/English conflict. A few of my favorite Ireland-related books :


We are usually on Spring Break on St. Patrick's Day, but I like to read Fin M'Coul by Tomie De Paola. Fin comes home worried because another giant, Cucullin coming to get him. Fin's wife, Oonagh, has a plan. She tricks Cucullin into a foolish move that causes him to lose his strength. It's an excellent read aloud for any age group, just be prepared to stop and discuss quite a bit with younger kids. There's really nothing related to St. Patrick's Day in this book except that it takes place in Ireland. Tomie De Paola has a book about St. Patrick, but this one is more fun to read. I just wish I could do a decent Irish accent.

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  1. Hi there Deb, I am a huge fan of Tomie De Paola, but this title is unfamiliar to me. Will look for it. Have a great reading week.


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