Friday, March 21, 2014

Trade and Grade--Mister Y

I hope you are finding lots of great products in our trade and grade blog hop! I partnered with Sarah over at A Sunny Day in First Grade to review her Mister Y: the sneaky guy centers, activities and craft.

This is a fun way to help students learn and practice the way "y" sounds at the end of a word.  I started out by displaying this sign and a brief discussion of the sounds. As I read this to the kids, I did a quick color code to help them see the connection between sneaky, "e", happy and guy,"i", sky. The kids really liked this fun visual.
The next thing I did was a few quick rounds of a find-your-partner activity. Sarah provided some word and picture matching cards that could be used for sorting or concentration. I passed out a card to each kid and told them to find their partner. When they found their partner, they had to sit EEKK (elbow-elbow-knee-knee) with their cards on the floor in front of them.

Then the kids got to make their own Mister Y. Sarah provided several different stencil options, so you could do this activity a number of  different ways. This would be easy to set up as a center because the kids had no trouble assembling their projects, but I did it whole group. Some of the kids got pretty creative.

Teaching tip: The first time I have my class cut anything out, I tell them about first grade magic. First grade magic is an ability that magically appears in first grade. When you cut something out, you keep your scissors still and turn the paper around, so when you are done, you only have one scrap to throw away! After it's been introduced and reinforced, I just remind them to use first grade magic whenever we cut. They are always very proud of this magical ability.

When we got to work, I had two students arrange the words and pictures in the pocket chart, and I told the class to write 3 words in each sack that Mister Y had. They were able to get the word cards out of the pocket chart to copy if necessary.

Some of the kids got really into the 'sneaky' idea and added ski masks.....

Sarah had lots of worksheets to choose from, so I was able to make differentiated packets.

Sarah has graciously put together a free sample of her fantastic product. Keep hopping along and collect all your freebies!

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If you haven't already, go visit Sarah at A Sunny Day in First Grade. She's reviewing my missing part equation dominoes. To visit the Trade and Grade link up go to The Primary Gal.

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  1. Looks like your students had a lot of fun with these! I love their "sneaky y's"!

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