Sunday, July 20, 2014

Word Study

...teach phonics and word study.

Most of the time I have to stick with the lessons in my curriculum for my phonics lessons, but when I break away, I love to use nursery rhymes and songs to help students with word study.

When I teach a nursery rhyme or song, I introduce it without showing any text.  Sometimes we act it out. We stomp our feet to the beat of the rhyme or keep the beat with our hands in our laps.

To work on self-control and develop inner-hearing, I have a stop/go sign that I use. When the sign says go, we say the rhyme out loud. When the sign switches to stop, we use "magic lips." When you say a rhyme with "magic lips," your lips move, but no sound comes out. I switch the sign several times during the rhyme. The kids really like the challenge!

One year I stumbled upon this website where there are printable mini-books for tons of nursery rhymes.

When I present the text to the rhymes, we identify words/sounds that have the sound we are working on and highlight them.

I recently created this product with some songs to help kids remember vowel sounds.

To get this verse for free, just download the preview file.

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  1. Love the use of music, rhythm and movement to get lots of the brain activated.


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