Thursday, January 15, 2015

New products and a Giveaway!

Does your class love to play "I have ___, Who has ___?" I've got two new bundles of wintery games, and I'm giving away one of each.

Silent e is usually the first long vowel spelling pattern students learn. Here's a video I like to use. You can find more on my phonics playlist.

When introducing silent e using a systematic approach, students first learn the a_e spelling pattern. The first game in my set focuses on this spelling pattern and emphasizes the contrast between the short a and long a sounds. The following 3 games introduce i_e, o_e, and u_e. Once a spelling pattern is learned, it is included in the next game for comparison and review. I have a free sample of the final game on my FB fan page.

Each set has a title card and a word list for teacher reference.

In a systematic phonics sequence, students learn the vowel teams right after they learn about silent e.

Have you downloaded my most popular freebie?

TPT           T N

My Wintery Vowel Team games introduce ee, ea, ai, and oa. Like the silent e games, previously learned skills are reviewed in each game.

I'm so excited to have my very first giveaway! Enter below!

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