Thursday, February 12, 2015

Five for Friday


We had some Valentine's fun with these 120 chart mystery pictures from Mrs. Thompson's Treasures.

We learned about where our food comes from. These little Welcome Books are fantastic. They are easy to read, and they have nice examples of text features. 
After reading From Tomatoes to Ketchup, I asked the kids to recall the steps involved in making Ketchup. As they recalled, I typed in Power Point. This gave me a chance to model/explain inserting a text box and changing the font size. After a few steps had been recalled, I asked the class to fix the sequence. When we did this, I had a chance to model/explain cutting and pasting. (They were amazed.) Once the whole thing was finished, we read it together. It turned out to be a really great lesson, and the kids asked me to put their work on our class blog so they could show their parents at home. Sometimes we make lessons with technology so fancy with all the bells and whistles. This was such a simple, practical, and authentic integration of technology.. 

This is what we were doing during reading centers. I put this up on our class blog as well, and the kids were very excited. This will give me something to talk about at conferences next week. Since I haven't been in the classroom for 12 weeks, I'm a bit nervous about conferences. I wish I didn't have to hide the faces of the two cuties buddy reading. They were doing an awesome job!

Check out this little poet! I was so impressed!

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  1. I always hate covering my kids' faces, too. Their engaged faces are the best part of any photo. Thanks for explaining how you modeled computer skills. They learn so much from watching and listening to us "think aloud" about it.
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