Sunday, March 1, 2015


I pulled a Highlights Puzzle magazine sample from my computer bag and lifted it up.

"Cody, I brought this home for you." 
"What is it?"
"It's a puzzle book."

We look through it.

Unsurprisingly, he decides to do the two mazes right away.

"You should work on that book of mazes Grammy gave you for Christmas."

"What book of mazes?"

"The one Grammy gave you, it's on the shelf in the library."

He went off to search for it.
A minute or two later he came running back:
"Look, Mom! I found an I Spy book! Isn't it amazing! Can you believe it? Who knew I had an I Spy book! This is just like Mrs. Noll's! Mom, can you believe it?"

"Well, yes. I have a picture of you opening it up on Christmas morning."

"I can't believe I have my own I Spy book! This is so exciting!"

"You should look through it."

"No, I want to find the maze book."

Heads back to the library.
A few minutes later:
"Mom, look! It's a whole book of mazes! Isn't that cool?"

"It is."

And then he did 59 mazes.

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  1. 59 mazes!?!?! Wow! My daughter would probably never have the stamina to do that many in a row. Granted, she's four. But I think three mazes would be completed and she'd be maxed out!

    Glad you're joining our writing community. Looking forward to reading more of your writing as the month goes on.

  2. What an adorable personality! I love his excitement - "Can you believe it?!" And that library shelf held a lot of magic for one evening, re-introducing him to Christmas gifts he had forgotten about. Welcome to the Slice of Life Challenge!!


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