Monday, March 2, 2015

Pick-a-Better Snack #SOL15

My school has a program called Pick-a-Better Snack.  As the name suggests, its goal is to encourage students to eat healthy snacks. Every few weeks someone comes to my room to teach a lesson about healthy living. They always bring a healthy snack for the kids to try.

Today the snack was red and green bell peppers. The kids were very concerned that the peppers would be spicy. It took quite a bit of effort to convince them that these were not the spicy peppers. 

Once all the peppers had been passed out, they were allowed to take a bite.

One little boy in the back of the room took a bite of pepper. Then he dramatically slid his chair back about five feet gasping and fanning his mouth. 

At first we tried tell him he was being silly, these peppers were not spicy. Then I said, "You aren't tricking anyone, we all know these peppers aren't spicy."

He immediately stopped fanning his mouth and moved his chair back to his desk. There was some giggling and whispering. Then he walked over to me and said, "I just like to be funny and make people laugh." With that, he stood up straight and made a very formal bow before returning to his seat. 

Did not see that coming.
He cracks me up.

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  1. I love the idea of pick a better snack! I need that at my house (having just been suckered into buying girl scout cookies from every cute little kid in my neighborhood!) And I love your little jokester!

  2. I too have a student in my classroom with a very sophisticated sense of humor that surprises me often. I love that your student took a bow at the end! What a great little moment!

  3. Oh my goodness, I have a kindergartener this year who is already on the "Shall I take a bow now?" track. God help his future teachers! And present family. They're all quite introverted and shy. He definitely fills the quiet void in their house.

  4. Oh you have a comedian in your midst! What a hoot! I hope his talent is appreciated, and he learns how to use it wisely!

  5. You have your hands full with that little guy! Oh my! Very cute!


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