Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Question For Teachers

Some teachers I know leave for summer break the minute their contract is up. Others spend days (or weeks!) reorganizing  their classrooms.

Our last principal was insistent that we leave for the summer on our last contract day, so I managed to do it, this year I came back one extra day. I love hearing how things go in other places. Please share in the comments!

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  1. Years 1-6 I spent days and days and DAYS extra at work. I really worked myself out, and so now, I do what I absolutely have to do and then I take summer for myself. I'm not working in June at all, July I'm taking a Writing Workshop (but not through my district) and in Aug, I'm going to give two PD sessions for my district (which I get paid for). I think it takes time to figure out a routine, but once you do, gotta make time to rejuvenate (although, organizing is relaxing for me!) Now I spend all my time reading and blogging - and I love it! :-)

  2. My school has always wrapped up completely on the last workday...BUT this year our principal let us keep keys! Which is dangerous and awesome because I spent today working in my classroom to reorganize my library. It's so nice to get some things done on my own time without all the stress of back to school.

  3. It's different for all teachers in our school, but our district provides two days at the end of the year for us to work in our classrooms and get things wrapped up. The second day of those two is called a "flex day." You can log hours after winter break by working in school outside of the contract day or coming up on the weekends. If you get eight hours, then you don't have to come in on those days. Teachers love being able to earn flex hours so they get an "extra day" of summer break!

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  4. I might come back one or two extra days, but then I give myself a break. I come back once my room is cleaned and practically live at school the week before school begins. Great question!
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