Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Make 3 Spiders: Math Game Freebie

I haven't played this spider game in a couple years, but I remembered it at the last minute around the day before Halloween. This game would be fun at any time of year. It's an excellent way to practice composing and decomposing with the number 8. 

I have no idea where I learned this game or got this game board, so I made a new one to share with you. A Google search did not turn up any resources, so maybe my teammate invented it? I'm not sure I remember the directions exactly, so I may have invented them. If you know who to credit for this game, please let me know.

Spider game: a fun way to practice making sums of 8. Free "not very fancy"  game board.

To play the game, assign each player or team a color. Roll to decide how many legs to draw. You can arrange the legs any way you want, as long as you don't give any of the spiders more than 8 legs. This will force the students to count the legs and figure out how many they can add.

I have them use two different colors, so they can write number sentences at the end. 

This is a collaborative game, so once you have 3 perfect spiders, you both win. To make it more interesting, I told them they had to roll the exact number to win. If you want it to go faster, you can just let them use a partial number at the end.

 The free game board has directions.

Spider game: a fun way to practice making sums of 8. Free "not very fancy"  game board.
Please excuse the ugly white board. This is teaching in real life, folks!

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