Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Teaching Kids to Accept Their Assigned Partner

Like many of you, I'm starting the new year by reviewing social skills and procedures. As we prepared to play double bump today (nice free lesson by KidsKnowMath, by the way), I did a quick review of how to accept your assigned partner

Well, I thought it was going to be a quick review. First I modeled:

When you find out who your partner is, some of you might feel excited. If you feel excited about your partner, I want you to look at your partner and make this face. *Head nod with a big smile.*

Some of you might not be very excited about your partner. If you're not feeling very excited about your partner, I want you to look at your partner and make this face. *Head nod with a big smile.*

What did you notice?

One or two kids noticed that the faces were exactly the same, so we moved on to students practicing. I randomly picked two kids and asked them to show what they were supposed to do when they learned they were partners. It went reasonably well, so we practiced as a class

Show me the face you'll make if you are really excited about your assigned partner: Everyone smiled. Now, show me the face you'll make if you aren't so excited about your partner. Everyone frowned. WHAT?  So I went back and modeled again, then we all practiced again. Still not good. After the third practice we finally got the idea.

After that little incident, I decided I'd better make a little reminder, so here it is:

How to react to your assigned partner appropriately!

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Incase you're wondering, the partner work went fairly well. I snapped this picture of a couple kids working together. Trust me, this is quite a victory!

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  1. Sounds like your hard work paid off! I suspect you'll have to repeat it several times! But since it worked, you'll be inclined to do it! Way to go, Not Very Fancy in First!

  2. I love this! I have third graders, and we still practice every time we're about to work with partners. I usually tell the story of the time I was partnered with someone in college that I really didn't think I would like to work with. Of course, it went swimmingly! I like your approach to teaching this. Thanks for the approach and the freebie!
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