Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday

My kids started solving problems with larger numbers. It's so much fun to see them figuring out how numbers work. This was the second day, and lots of kids are already using derived facts. If you need some word problems like this, you can get a few problems for free and more by liking my Facebook page.

We used Whistle for Willie by Ezra Jack Keats to practice identifying cause and effect relationships. We are planning to try some close reading soon, so we're starting to prepare by writing the page numbers where we can prove our answers.

I finally made these number puzzles. I've been thinking about it for a while, then I found these old laminated oaktag strips in a "free" box, so I repurposed them.

I love this book! If you ever want to know if a kid can infer, have them read 'Strange Bumps' and ask them what the bumps were.  One of my guided reading groups read it this week, they all figured out what the bumps were. :) One day when we didn't get to meet, they all asked if they could read it on their own!
I made myself granola for dinner. Love it!

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