Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Currently

I'm linking up with Farly for April's Currently!

Cody is my five-year-old. He is a self proclaimed expert in talking. He woke up early with me, and he is not very respectful of mommy-time! He's cute though, so I'll get over it.

I think everything else is self-explanatory. Have a great month!!


  1. More hours in the day would be fantastic! I'm off for some coffee now too! :)

    Ms. Wilson’s Wolves

  2. Oh my, there are never enough hours in the day!! More hours in the day, or an extra day added to the weekend would be lovely! Coffee is also a must have....I've already had 2 cups today, and I'm thinking about a 3rd! Let me just say, it has been a long week! Summer cannot get here fast enough! :)

    Nice blog, and nice to "meet" you!



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