Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Meet Java

Today's BTBC prompt is to write about your furry friends.

My furry friend is named Java. I got him for my 23 birthday. We were visiting some local shelters looking for a dog that would be small enough to meet the requirements of our apartment. We got to a small town and (since this was before smart phones) we didn't know exactly how to get to the shelter, so we stopped at a vet and asked for directions. They happened to have this little puppy they had found. I fell in love immediately, but we were encouraged to go to the shelter as well. The shelter only had big dogs. On the way back to vet, we stopped at a coffee shop called Jay's Java Garden. As we drank coffee, we were discussing possible names, and realized Java made a great dog name. It fits us perfectly since we are big coffee loves, and since our last name is Maxwell.

Java was a very energetic puppy, but usually very well behaved.

You could say Java lost his place in the sun when Cody was born, but he took it very well.

 He endured all sorts of torture,

but he was very gentle with Cody.

Cody is now five, and I can't find any more recent pictures of Java...oops.

Java is now about 12. We still love him, but he's definitely not getting showered with attention like he used to.

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  1. Aww, what a sweet dog. I'm sure he doesn't mind getting less attention, since I'm sure he gets a lot from your son as well. :)

    Carolina Teacher

  2. What a sweet dog! I love the pic with the yogurt (?) on his face and of him wrestling with Cody. Too cute!


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