Thursday, July 10, 2014

My teaching Idol

Today's Big Time Literacy Challenge prompt is to write about our teaching idols.

My number one teaching idol is my mom. My mom loved teaching. She was focused on learning every second in her classroom. Her ability to differentiate for all the different learners in her class, and her willingness to spend the required TIME it took to make every minute powerful for every student was amazing.

My mom taught for almost 35 years. She got very frustrated with the system, but she never stopped trying new things. 

My mom inspired me to create resources. Lots of the things I've made for my own classroom are just updated versions of her originals. She started making her own anchor charts, awards, and learning support materials back when the only clipart available was probably whatever came free in WordPerfect for DOS and you added color to your designs by making the letters white with a black outline--then you got out your markers.

Here's an example. She gave this to my husband when she retired for reasons that shall remain unspoken. :)

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  1. How cool, to have a mom teaching you right along with her students! Have a fantastic day!

  2. I love that story! What a special bond you must share!


    Camp Kindergarten

  3. Growing up, one of my friend's mom was a teacher and I always thought it was so cool that she got to go set up the classroom and grade cool that your mom was an inspiration to you!

  4. My mom homeschooled my younger brother and was a fabulous resource for me as well. I imagine it's nice to be able to gain perspective from someone who's been through it all and can give you an honest opinion outside the school.

  5. What a fabulous mentor and idol to have...especially in your own family! ;)


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