Monday, February 23, 2015

It's a Sale and a Surprise

Here's to all of you working 'in the trenches!' You're awesome! Wouldn't you just love to see some of these politicians try to do your job for a week? We teachers need to support one another, so TPT is having a Teachers are HEROES sale. Teachers offering great resources at a low price. Teachers giving their hard earned money to other teachers. It makes me happy! :)

This is a great time to get some of my new and newly updated products! This is truly a labor of love. I put lots of time and thought into each of these products. Click on the pictures to get to the product at my store.

Stay with me, there's a surprise at the end!

I love this one! This is my newest product. These task cards can be used in centers, small group, or whole group. It comes with three sets of task cards at increasingly more challenging levels. It includes addition and subtraction. Also: how cute are those monsters?

This pack has just undergone a major update. It has 20 word problems. Each problem has 4 number sets for differentiation. It emphasizes join-change-unknown and compare-difference unknown problem types. Each problem comes in three formats: large print for easy reading at a distance, print-and-go, or a paper-saving option if you cut out problems and glue them into notebooks.

Another recent update. This bundle includes all my 'I can statements' for first grade English Language Arts CCSS. It has a star theme. Each major category has it's own color. Choose the size that works for you--quarter page or full page.

After my Valentine's Day Math Packet became my number one seller in just a few weeks, I realized I had discovered a need! This St. Patrick's Day Math packet is aligned to CCSS for first and second grade. Students practice identifying true/false equations, balancing equations with missing addends in all positions, and comparing numbers. There's a basic and a challenging page for each skill. No prep involved, just print and go. Answer keys are included!

**Teaching tip: when you check a T/F paper, tell the student how many are right/wrong, but don't tell them which ones are wrong.**

This next product is one of my favorites, but I created it last year before I had any idea what I was doing on TPT. It is currently undergoing a major update. After the update you can expect the price to go up, but if you get it now, you'll be able to download the update at no extra cost. This product is very unique, and there are so many ways to use it. All the letters of the alphabet are constructed out of base 10 blocks. Imagine the cross-curricular possibilities!  I've included a few previews of the updated look. Make sure you follow my store so you know when the update comes. Hopefully this weekend!

Thanks for making it through the whole post of shameless self-promotion!

Leave a comment telling me which product you'd like (from this post or any other product in my store) and your email address. I'll randomly choose someone on Wednesday afternoon and send them the product!

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