Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Night is the Time for Sleep #SOL15

I'm in my bedroom trying to match all the white socks correctly when I hear Miss Corinne. She's calling for her brother. Then she's calling for me. Then I hear, "hello? hello? anybody?" She wins. It's too cute, and I cave. I go into her room and pick her up. 

She seems to think it's morning. Her favorite book right now is called Night is the Time for Sleep, so that's what I tell her, 

"Night is a time for sleep." 

I sit with her in the glider. She rests her head on my shoulder and pops her thumb into her mouth. It seems like she's asleep. I could sit there and hold her like that for hours. It's so quiet in the house. I have so many things I ought to do, but I just want to be in this moment.

After a few minutes she sits up. I guess she wasn't sleeping. She tries to grab for her books.

Night is a time for sleep.

Next she says, "Daddy home?" Yes Daddy is home, then it occurs to me that she hasn't seen Daddy all day.  We go find Daddy to give some hugs and kisses. I carry her back to her room.

Night is a time for sleep.

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  1. It is too cute! Night is a time for sleep - sometimes. Sometimes it's for cuddles and comfort and family.

  2. I loved your poem...the images and the repetition!

    Night may be the time for sleep-but it also the still time when we really breathe. My kids are older, but I find myself fighting to stay awake into the late hours-all is quiet, and just when I think I am done with my day, my sweet 13 year old daughter stumbles in, holding her nightmare, and snuggles in close. Nighttime is the best...but maybe not for sleeping!

  3. How precious is this! Yes, yes yes! Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment. What a gift are those fleeting times with our babies. Mine turned 18 last week. And 18 years ago today I took her to the Dr, and ended up in the NICU for a week with meningitis. She's absolutely fine, and today when she lay her head in my lap, and I stroked her hair I couldn't have been a happier more grateful mom. Your post tonight spoke to me so! Love how you are cherishing your little one.

  4. This is so sweet! I remember so well the feeling, "I could sit there and hold her like that for hours," with my now grown children. And when she asked for Daddy - it's as if she wants to extend the fun, to be held by him, too. Lovely. Night time is a time for sleep, night time is a time for sweet!

  5. Such a perfect slice of your day captured so beautifully!

  6. Such a perfect slice of your day captured so beautifully!

  7. Hi, again, Deb! I haven't seen a new slice from you in a couple of days and I just want you to know you are much missed! I hope you'll be sharing again, soon.


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