Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Since I Resolved to Be Courageous-- #SOL15

I was at a loss for what to write this week for a Slice of Life. I pulled out an old notebook to work on some other ideas, and I discovered some pages entitled Poetry Experiments. It looks like they were written back during my first year teaching. 

I vaguely remember being very nervous to teach poetry to my first graders, so I took home the Lucy Calkins manual to study. As I read, I began to realize I had never been taught anything about writing poetry beyond counting syllables and rhyming. I was inspired to try out some of the techniques from the primary poetry writing lessons (sad as that is). Most of my "Poetry Experiments" were samples I ended up using to model for my class. Oddly enough, poetry is now my favorite writing unit to teach. 

I found one poetry experiment that didn't really fit with the rest. Since I resolved to be courageous this year, and I am always encouraging my first graders to be brave, here is the poem I found.

Do you have any interests or passions that you would have never discovered if you weren't required to teach them?

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  1. So funny, I wrote about possibilities today! Yes, we are living dangerously all the time, teaching and learning at the same time! Keep it up. Jennifer Sniadecki


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