Sunday, September 27, 2015

10 Resources for Teaching Place Value in First Grade

Place value is one of the most challenging concepts for kids to grasp. Fall is pretty early in the year to introduce the concept to first graders, but that's what many teachers are being asked to do. I have been scouring in the internet for fun, free, resources. I've found 5 computer games and 5 videos. I've also create some resources you might find helpful.

Resources for teaching place value in first grade

I found this game a long time ago. It's pretty easy for the kids to figure out, and I just realized how easy it is to differentiate. A number appears and the kids have to use the base 10 blocks to build it. You can click the numbers on the side to determine the difficulty. If you click the 1, only numbers with 1 digit will appear. If you click the 1 and the 10, numbers with 2 digits will appear. If you click only the 10, only multiples of 10 will appear. You get the idea.

Are all 1st graders obsessed with sharks? This game from ICT games definitely takes advantage of that. Count the blocks, find the number, and check. I like how the blocks are displayed because it encourages students to count quickly by looking for groups.

Kids like this because it feels more like a game. They have to shoot the fruit with the correct number. It's from Sheppard's Software.

This one is from ABC ya. Rather than starting with a clean slate each time, you need to decide whether to add or take away blocks to make the next number.

Another fun game from ABCya. Select the type of blocks you want to use (hundreds, tens, ones) count and mark spaces. Try to get BINGO!

This first video is an actual lesson.


 These four videos have a fun beat, so kids can move and groove. They won't mind watching them multiple times.

I created these to use with our daily math review lessons. They illustrate important concepts, and expose kids to great vocabulary words. You can find them in my TPT or TN store.

If you're trying to create your own materials to meet the specific needs of your students, you might find this mathematical clipart to be helpful. I'm not a clipart expert, but I think you'll find this helpful, and the price is right at only $2.00 for 90 pieces of clipart.

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