Monday, September 7, 2015

Back to School: Does Anyone Else Feel Like This?

It's back to school time! I'm ready to go back to school and relax. How on earth do stay-at-home moms survive? It takes more energy for me to deal with my one six-year old (and keep in mind he also has two younger sisters!) than it does to deal with the 20 in my classroom. (Only 20 so far! :)

Back to School time...

...reminds me of: Mom
I used to help my mom prepare her classroom. She retired the year I got hired, so now she makes the thousand mile trek to Iowa to help me. She's awesome.

...makes me want: cooler weather.

We have air conditioning in my building, but it doesn't help with the humidity. It's much cooler in June. I'd rather teach into June and go back mid-September.

Back to school makes me want cooler weather.
This is what I want.
...drives me to: drink copious amounts of frozen coffee drinks from QT.
I blame this partially on my mom. (I find I can blame her for lots of things. --Hi, Mom!) She can't get the frozen drinks back home, so she always wants to stop for one to drink while we work in my classroom. It makes me crave one whenever it's hot in my classroom-- so, until mid-October.
Back to school drives me to drink copious amounts of frozen coffee.
They don't exactly look like this.

...makes me need: to get on a schedule.

Over the summer I wonder how I have time to work because there just doesn't seem to be time to get anything done. When I stop hanging around in my pajamas drinking coffee until 11:00, it's amazing how much I can get done!
...causes me to: wear real clothes.
When I'm not teaching, I'm perfectly content to hang around in my pajamas half the day and wear baggy t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops the rest of the day. I also skip drying my hair. I don't really dress up as much as some teachers, but I do wear actual clothes with buttons and stuff.
...makes me think: I hate real clothes.
I used to think I was just someone who liked to be comfortable. I'm starting to think my aversion to real clothes is more than that. Since my six-year old will throw enormous fits over things like being asked to wash his hands or change clothing, I've been researching Sensory Processing Disorder. According to what I've read, somewhere between 5-15% of kids have SPD. I don't think I have SPD, but I do think I am more sensitive to sensory (especially tactile) stimuli than others.
I feel more distress about wearing real clothing than any other aspect of going back to school! Why can't teachers wear scrubs? My sister works in healthcare, and she says they are the most comfortable clothes ever. Could I get away with it?
I'm sure if you're reading this, you love teaching, but what aspect of back to school causes you the most distress? Am I alone here?
I have been writing quite a bit about back to school topics recently.
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  1. Hello friend! LOVE the name of your blog! So cute! I agree with all your answers 100% and am so glad you decided to participate in my linky. Thanks so much and have a great school year, Cara;) Creative Playground


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