Monday, July 13, 2015

A Teacher in the Kitchen Shows You How to Cut an Onion

A few years ago my husband and I were exsisting on grilled cheese and pasta. Branching out was a challenge. I watched lots of cooking shows. One of the tips I got was how to cut an onion.

How to cut an onion

Now I use onion in almost everything. If I'm using meat, chances are good I'm also using onion. All the layers in an onion can either make them a real pain to cut, or very simple to cut. Below is a graphic with the 4 basic steps to make the layers work in your favor. Pin it to your cooking board for reference! 

How to cut an onion

Other bits of information I got from cooking shows:

The outside of an onion is more flavorful, so don't get carried away with peeling.
White onions have more water than yellow onions. (This is good to know if you're freezing or stir-frying.)

Since I need to cut onions for lots of things I make (cheeseburger casserole, stovetop lasagna, frittata, and burritoes--coming soon), I like to prep them ahead of time. This saves me time because I only have to get out, use, and clean the cutting board and knife once. It also ensures that my onions won't go bad. When I get a bag of cheap onions, I always try to cute them right away because they will probably go bad faster than expected. This also works well for jalapenos.

How to cut an onion

I hope you're enjoying some of my practical, healthy recipes. Have you tried any? I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment. If you're blogging about your own kitchen adventure, please link your post below.

Teacher in the Kitchen

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  1. So I finally have a recipe to share! I checked around 6:00 today and didn't see your post, glad it's up now! I'm running to yoga, but then I'll be back to link up!
    And I love the idea of chopping onions and freezing it to store later!! TY for the tip! :-)

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